In this role, our experienced Project Managers are the central hub of the retrofit and new anchor installation process. We are the liaison between third party engineering resources, fabrication shop, installation contractors, roofing contractors, and most importantly, the client. As a Washington Licensed General Contractor, we provide Construction Management services to make the transition to a new compliant anchor system trouble free. Our extensive prior experience in Building Envelope and Roofing systems gives added assurance that the installed fixtures will not create waterproofing or condensation issues down the road.


We provide course of construction inspections to ensure that the system is installed per approved details.


Once installed, we perform load testing to confirm anchorage suitability. A User Manual is then created
as a permanent document that details the system components, layout, proper use, and periodic inspection requirements. This unique document is specifically designed to address a property's needs.


Feel free to call our office to schedule a look at your building. We are here to help and provide cost effective solutions to these important challenges.



If your equipment is found to need repair, maintenance, or new parts, our mechanics will provide a written estimate of the anticipated costs, and if approved, will perform the work to a high standard of quality using factory parts.


Equipment We Service:

Chain and Wire Rope Overhead Hoists (Yale, Shawbox, CM, Jet, Budgit)


Scaffold/Personnel Hoists (Skyclimber, Power Climber, Astro, BisoMac, and modular platforms all brands)


Mast Climbing Hoists


Lever Actuated Rope Puller Hoists (Griphoist, Jet, Tirfor, Magna, Maasdam, Hook)


Overhead support structure, trolleys, etc, ultrasonic thickness measuring, corrosion assessments


Forged hooks and accessories, penetrant dye testing


Anchorages (Fall Protection, Suspension)


Material Lifts (Stair climbers, Manual Genie type)

As a Qualified Third Party Inspection firm, we have a wide range of offerings related to all types of hoists, overhead cranes, lifts, and material handling devices.


With over 30 years of experience and factory training, we can handle most any need related to the industry. We provide mobile or shop based services depending on specific equipment parameters.


Serving the needs of manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and rental vendors.

Inspections: Timely inspections are an important part of maintaining compliance. We have well qualified technicians that have a wide knowledge base. Our services are aimed at OSHA and ANSI B30 related hoisting, lifting, and material handling equipment.


Testing: We have the ability to shop test to 10 tons, mobile field test to 5 Tons, and use calibrated steel weights, dynamometers, and various tensioning devices to apply required static and dynamic loads. Testing is the cornerstone of confidence, and required by regulatory agencies.








Sway Mechanika LLC provides a high standard of care when it comes to annual inspections and 10 year recertifications. OSHA required inspections of this type are intended to form the basis of Written Assurances by the Owner to the Vendor that the entire system had been inspected, tested, and maintained in a safe condition.

As part of an inspection, we may recommend testing of fixtures to confirm overall viability of the equipment. We rely on testing for all new installations and equipment lacking proper documentation.


Our visual and tactile assessments are aimed at ensuring that corrosion, overloading, fixture yield and roof substrate deterioration are identified in a systematic way. Once identified, we work with licensed structural and mechanical Professional Engineers to assist in the development of a repair program.

We also provide an assessment as to the layout coverage of wall surfaces. Older buildings may have a layout that does not meet current requirements and can expose workers to excessive swing fall hazards. RDS (Rope Descent Systems) have layout limitations to be compliant to IWCA I.14 standards.



1) Review client provided documentation, plans, and specifications. Design anchorage layouts and drop plans according to established national standards and the constraints of the specific project

2) Retain and coordinate with Washington licensed Structural and Mechanical Engineers to calculate loads imposed on roof elements, and to provide fastener layout and construction plans

3) Perform preliminary field load testing to validate installation concepts where roof plans and details are lacking

4) Oversee qualified installation and roofing contractors

5) Perform Field Load testing in accordance with IWCA I.14 recommended best practices to capture anchor deflection and provide assurance that prescribed loads are sustained

6) Develop a Project Manual that details the system design, proper use, periodic maintenance, inspection, testing and certification requirements





Sway Mechanika has developed numerous unique solutions for exterior access. The range of applications includes:

Custom post anchors
Custom lightweight gutter protection devices
Anchor termination plates
Pyramid roof apex anchors
Rope Deviation anchors
Horizontal Lifelines (Pre-engineered Shock Absorbing Elements)
Steep Slope Residential Anchors

No matter the need or complexity, we have the experience and ability to prototype most any device,
and work with the best local fabricators and engineering talents to bring these solutions to the project.

Give us a call today to discuss your exterior access challenges.



As a rope access trainer and frequent user of RDS (Rope Descent System) and Rope Access Equipment, Mr. Hanna is capable of accessing nearly any structure using these methods. Frequently retained for rapid deployment inspections on a multitude of structures, our clients over the years have been pleased with results. We have worked on all manner of projects such as theatrical rigging, high rise due diligence curtainwall inspections, exposed rigging/powered platform assessments, complex material handling, lattice tower erection and guying, and even the occasional USFS Fire Lookout Restoration project (North Mountain Fire Lookout). View restoration project here.

We are also beginning to incorporate powered ascent devices for all sorts of applications as these devices are becoming lighter and more versatile in recent years. Our RDS systems employ the latest ANSI rated equipment and fully independent back up/fall arrestor systems).

Ronin Lift
Camp USA Giant



1) Review all pertinent design documents

2) Perform visual inspection of all installed components, with a focus on corrosion,
deformation/bending, watertight interface with roofing system, proper sealing

3) Perform in-field load testing if conditions warrant

4) Develop written report of findings, testing, and repair recommendations as required